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Welcome to the Lambliff Big Bang

An Adam Lambert and Tommy Joe Ratliff Big Bang Challenge

The Lambliff Big Bang
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An Adam Lambert and Tommy Joe Ratliff Big Bang Challenge
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Welcome to the Lambliff Big Bang! The purpose of this challenge is to bring together authors and artists to create a completed work of fic and art, featuring Adam Lambert and Tommy Joe Ratliff. Over the next 4 months, authors will write a 10000 word fic, and artists will create art/videos/graphic/fanmixes to go with it. As long as Adam and Tommy are the focus of your work, everything else is fair game!


Author sign up - August 11, 2013
Artists sign up - August 11, 2013
Beta sign up - August 11, 2013
Author/Beta sign ups close – September 8, 2013
Checkpoint #1 for authors* – October 13, 2013
Rough drafts/summaries due – November 1, 2013
Artist sign up close - November 2, 2013
Artist claims up – November 3, 2013
Checkpoint #2 for authors/artists* - Nov 29, 2013
List with posting days/dates to pick from: December 4, 2013
Posting schedule up – December 8, 2013
Posting starts – December 11, 2013 (for the "early birds"/means fast writers and artists), and will continue till the end of January 2014)

*not mandatory


If you have any questions/comments you can PM (or DM us on twitter) the mods, leela_cat, valress, or qafmaniac or email us at lbbmods@gmail.com.

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Rules, guidelines and other information modified from kradambigbang and tjrbigbang
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In this four/five-month (depends on when you're going to post) Big Bang challenge, authors and artists will collaborate to produce works centered around Adam Lambert and Tommy Joe Ratliff. Authors will write 10,000-word+ fic of any genre, and artists will create art to go along with it.

For Authors:
- Your fic must be at least 10,000 words long. It must be written specifically for the Lambliff Big Bang challenge and posted nowhere else prior to the start of posting dates.
- If you are already writing a WIP Adam/Tommy story, you may use it for this challenge. But be aware that you cannot post new updates until this BB is over, as it is now part of the Lambliff Big Bang challenge.
- You may write more than one fic, but EACH has to be at least 10,000 words long.
- You may co-write a fic, however, in that case, your fic must be at least 15,000 words long.
- The main pairing of your fic must be Adam/Tommy.
- X-overs are allowed and wellcomed.
- Threesomes are ok but in the end it MUST be A/T only.
- Your fic must be betaed. There will be beta sign-ups, so in the event that you have difficulty finding one, you can choose from there.
- Your fic must have warnings, if applicable.
- Once sign-ups have started, there will be two author check-ins which are not mandatory, but recommended.
- There will be a rough draft/summary deadline which is mandatory!!
- All summaries should be submitted to lbbmods@gmail.com.
- Specifics will be addressed in subsequent posts.

For Artists:
- Your art may be any style of art, be it photoshop, painting, drawing, fanmixes, etc., in forms such as banners, dividers, icons, etc.
- After claiming your fic/s, you must be in communication with your author.
- There will be one artist check-in which isn't mandatory, but recommended.
- Your artwork must be completed by the author's posting date.
- There will be a limit of one artist per story, unless we have a surplus of artists.
- There will be a limit of one (up to three) fics per artist.Or maybe even more.Depends on how many authors and artists will sign up. ;-)

If you have any questions/concerns not covered here, feel free to ask them in a comment on this post, PM or twitter DM us, or send them to lbbmods@gmail.com.

(modified from kradambigbang and tjrbigbang)